lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

A diamond miracle

Destiny was walking on the street, going to the little market that was near the large lake. "Hello Destiny" said Sir Arqueloff "Oh Hello Sir, how are you? ask Destiny to Sir. "Fine thank you", he answered. Destiny went away, for looking some apples. They were so far that she couldn't get them. "Oh, I can't get them, they are too far!!! she cried. Destiny was trying to get the apples, when someone stop near him and get the basket of apples. "Thank you so much" said Destiny looking at him.
"No please, how I can't help a beautiful girl like you?" exclaim the young man. "My name is James, I live near the large shop's of clothes" he said yo Destiny. "¿And what is your name?" he ask her.
"My name is Destiny and I live in a big house near the large lake" she said. "¡Oh I have to go home o give this apples to the cooker, bye bye!" Destiny was going out of the market when James, the beautiful man that helps Destiny to take the apples, take's his hand   and he exclaim -"See you soon, beautiful girl"

EXPLANATION:  When Destiny throws the diamonds to the sea, they elevate to the sky and they form the "Bermuda Triangle" and everything or anyone that steps there dissapears like James in Destiny´s life.

Part 1:
Par 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

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